How does the client search work in CCH Axcess™ Workflow API?

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Learn how to client search and pull all information you need. 


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The client/search works, but it only returns limited info on each client – how do I get more details?

You may use the ClientInternalID values in the search results to further drill down into each client by calling client/{clientInternalID} which returns more details.

How do I use client/search/advanced?

Regarding advanced client search, we do expect to build out the advanced searches with more capabilities in the future. Currently it supports the same fields as the regular search. The 3 request items key/value/condition are described as follows:
KEY: In client advanced search, for example, key can be FirstName, MiddleName, Last_Corporate_Name, EmailID, AccountNumber.
VALUE: The value you are searching for.
CONDITION: for searches with multiple key/value pairs, you may specify AND or OR.

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