CCH Software News - IRS Individual e-File Production Shutdown/Cut Over Schedule and Disaster Relief Filing Extension Implications

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CCH Software News - IRS Individual e-File Production Shutdown/Cut Over Schedule and Disaster Relief Filing Extension Implications


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CCH Software News - IRS Individual e-File Production Shutdown/Cut Over Schedule and Disaster Relief Filing Extension Implications

Dear CCH Customer:

The IRS announced on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, that their shutdown/cut over for federal and state Individual tax returns will begin on Saturday, November 20, 2021, starting at 11:59 PM EST. This shutdown/cut over allows the IRS to perform maintenance on their e-Filing system to prepare for the upcoming 2021 tax year filing season. The shutdown/cut over will last until the opening day of the 2021 tax year filing season early in 2022 when you will be able to file 2021 returns and resume e-Filing returns for tax years 2019 and 2020. Tax year 2018 will no longer be supported by the IRS.

Important Note: Business (BMF) returns are not impacted by this Production Shutdown/Cutover schedule. The Business (BMF) return Production Shutdown/Cutover schedule will be communicated in an IRS QuickAlerts bulletin that outlines the exact timeframes in early December. A CCH Software News announcement also will be issued.

  • The Electronic Filing Status System will remain available until it is shutdown for annual maintenance/rollover in December.
  • You will have the ability to upload returns during the IRS shutdown.
  • If you upload and release a return during the shutdown period, we will place the return in Paper Filing Required status.
  • If you upload and hold a return calculated in 2021 during the shutdown period and release the return without recalculating in 2022 after the IRS opens for the new filing season, we will move your return into Stopped: Please Re-process on Latest Release status.
  • The following state will stop accepting returns for 2020 when the shutdown occurs: Rhode Island (also includes Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership).
  • As announced in the CCH Software News issued on Thursday, October 14, 2021, the following states and cities stopped accepting tax year 2020 returns electronically beginning 11:59 PM EDT on Sunday, October 31, 2021: ¬†Michigan cities filed on the Common Form and Ohio cities not filed on Form 37.
Timeframes for Your Planning

In this announcement, the IRS requires CCH, as a transmitter, to stop sending submissions at 10:00 PM EST. Therefore, you must release your returns so they are in Transmitted status no later than 9:59 PM EST on Saturday, November 20, 2021. However, to ensure all federal, state, and city returns are in transmitted status by the deadline, you should release returns as early in the day as possible. We recommend you release your returns no later than 1:00 PM EST.

This is particularly important for the scenario in which states and cities are linked to the federal return. We hold the state/city in status Ready to transmit - Validation Complete until the federal return is accepted. The acceptance of the federal return could occur several hours after you release the federal return.

What to Expect

As previously announced in the CCH Software News issued on Friday, October 1, 2021, e-Filing allows federal returns and many state/city returns to be filed past the October 15, 2021, extended filing deadline. However, no Individual (federal or state or amended) returns can be e-Filed during the shutdown period, except for California and Texas, which we submit directly to the state.

As for filing the Form 114 (FBAR) out of the individual program, it will be allowed until we shutdown to rollover our eFile programs from filing year 2020 to filing year 2021 in late December (concurrent to when the IRS starts their Business return Production Shutdown/Cutover). For more information on this, please refer to the following knowledge base article "Will I still be able to e-file the FBAR (Form 114) from the individual program after the Shutdown/Cut Over Schedule?"

When the IRS opens for the 2021 tax year filing season, all federal returns and the state and city returns listed in our October 1, 2021, CCH Software News will be allowed to be electronically filed again.

Only 2021 returns will be allowed by the states/cities listed above when the season opens in 2022.

Important Notes

This shutdown will also affect taxpayers who received a disaster relief extension to file. If the disaster extended due date falls within this shutdown time frame, you must do one of the following:
  • Submit the returns electronically before the shutdown begins.
  • Hold the returns for export and release after the IRS reopens in January.
  • File them on paper after the shutdown. If filed on paper, applicable opt-out documentation may be necessary. Please consult the taxing authority guidelines on how to opt-out of electronic filing.

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