"Wolters Kluwer Maintenance - This page is temporarily unavailable...." when selecting Internet Download during the installation of ProSystem fx Tax updates.

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax




This is currently a known issue that is being looked at to find a resolution.


  1. Open Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Click on Permission Key.
    • Remember the location on where the permission key is downloaded for step 4.
    • Default location for Software Delivery Manager files is c:\users\[username]\documents\prosystemfxsoftware and then you would see a permission key folder.
  3. Run the installation of ProSystem fx Tax.
  4. On the permission key window, select Permission key disk drive path and browse to that downloaded permission key from Software Delivery Manager.
Note: If you do not need to install a new permission key for ProSystem fx Tax then on the permission key window select the option "Use previously installed permission key."

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