Can I attach a PDF document to a specific Schedule K-1 with an efiled 1065, 1120S, or 1041 passthrough return using CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax and CCH Axcess™ Tax?

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If I want to attach a PDF to my return, but have it linked to a specific Schedule K-1 prepared with the printed return, can this be done within the tax software?


  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax
  • CCH Axcess™ Tax
  • Partnership - 1065
  • S Corporation - 1120S
  • Fiduciary - 1041
  • Schedule K-1 - Sch K-1
  • Adobe PDF Attachment


  • No. PDF attachments cannot be attached to a specific partner / shareholder / beneficiary.
  • e-File PDF attachments are attached to the return itself, or the Extension if we select the checkbox for it to do so.

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