How do I use the CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach Title Install Utility?

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This article explains how to use the Knowledge Coach Title Install Utility.


  • CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach
  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 2018.2.1 or higher
  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 2019.1.3 or higher


  1.  Browse to "?:\Pfx Engagement\WM\Utilities\" (where ? is the drive letter for the Engagement installation folder)
  2. Right-click on Pfx.KnowledgeCoach.TitleInstall.exe and choose run as administrator.
  3. Use your CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement login name and password to log in to the utility.
  4. A list of all titles currently available for download displays.
    • Any titles that have already been installed will have a check in the Install column.
    • To install any title, select the box next to the title in the Install column and click the Execute button at the bottom of the window.
      • Any base titles will required for a title will automatically be installed with the title once the box is checked, if the base title is not already installed. 
      • Multiple titles can be selected, but the more titles selected, the longer the utility will take to complete. 
      • You cannot currently uninstall a title. 
    • To release any title, select the box next to the title in the Release column and click the Execute button at the bottom of the window.
      • You can install and release in the same step.
      • Note: If you would like certain users to be able to use a title that you have installed but have not released, you need to enable the "Insert Knowledge Coach workpapers from unreleased titles" right in for the appropriate staff group in Engagement Administrator.
    • To un-release a title, clear the check from the box in the Release column and click the Execute button. 
    • You can also sort the titles by Name or Year by clicking on the column header.
      • There is also a filter button on each header that gives the filter options for that column.
      • You can filter by more than one column. 
      • The filters will display at the bottom of the result pane and can be clear by clicking the X on the filter. 


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