CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, Workpaper Manager, & Knowledge Coach: End of Life Support Policy

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Provide information regarding the end of life support policy for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager, CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach.


  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement
  • CCH ProSystem fx Workpaper Manager
  • CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach


This article covers the following:

CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, Workpaper Manager and Knowledge Coach End of Life Support Policy - [Return to Top]

This document applies to releases of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager and CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach. The End of Life (EOL) policy for KC titles is discussed in a separate document.

The label format for each release is yyyy.n.n.
  • Major component in the number is the year of the release. Typically, there is a major release each summer.
  • Second component in the number increments when there is a minor release during the year, such as our annual tax year-end release.
  • Last component in the number increments if any bundling of important defects, security vulnerabilities or specific functionality considered critical is needed.
The following policies allow us to focus our efforts on providing optimal product support and prioritize future development with rapid changes to technology platforms.
  • Technical Support is provided for all major and minor releases in the year of the most recent release, as well as all releases in the 2-prior years. Support EOL means that the specific version and its updates will cease to be supported by the CCH® Support personnel. After those dates, the product is no longer supported, and the user must upgrade to a later version (preferably the latest) to obtain assistance.
  • Development EOL means no more enhancements or fixes will be made to that version after that specific date. It MAY still be supported by the CCH Support personnel; however, no fixes will be made to the application and users must upgrade to a later version to obtain a fix. Typically, minor updates (the 3rd component in the label format described above) are provided only for the most recent supported major release year. The identification of which defects will be addressed is at the sole discretion of the CCH Audit Product Team and is based on strict criteria of critical adherence to the use of the product without any possible workarounds.
  • Technology Platform Support will be provided for a reasonable period based on several factors, including:
    • Support of the platform by the provider
    • Level of effort required to support the product
    • And, in some cases, whether the platform aligns with future product development strategy
When a specific platform version is no longer supported, these announcements will be made in a timely manner.

Product End of Life for Engagement, Workpaper Manager, and Knowledge Coach Releases - [Return to Top]

The Support EOL policy is discussed in the knowledge-based article: CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager: Currently supported versions

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement or Workpaper Manager are released annually. Therefore, to ensure the highest quality support and product experience for customers, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement or Workpaper Manager is supported on the current version and 2-previous versions. For this purpose, support is defined in two parts:
  1. Technical Compatibility
    • CCH will not provide software upgrades or the annual Tax Grouping Updates for software versions outside the support window.
    • Also, older versions will not be tested with new technologies, other CCH products, and 3rd-party software.
  2. Customer Support
    • Our customer support representatives may not be able to diagnose or solve issues related to unsupported versions of Engagement or Workpaper Manager.
    • We highly recommend that firms stay current with their software updates. That is how a firm can take advantage of improved usability, functionality, integration, and 3rd-party compatibility.
Here is the version support timeline as of January 2022:
Engagement / Workpaper Manager /
Knowledge Coach Version
Last Support Date
(End of Life Cycle)
Major Version Release Date
20223rd quarter 2025Scheduled for Summer 2022
20213rd quarter 2024September 2021
20203rd quarter 2023September 2020
20193rd quarter 2022September 2019
2018September 26, 2021July 2018
2017September 20, 2020July 2017

Technology Platform Support - [Return to Top]

CCH ProSystem fx products are dependent on other software product platforms such as: Microsoft® Windows®, Microsoft Office, Database Platforms, Internet Browsers, etc. While these 3rd-party platforms have their own EOL policies (which are often long due to their reach in the market), there are CCH ProSystem fx product development strategies and pragmatic decisions that do not allow us to support older versions due to effort or ease of development of a new feature.

We will announce when platforms are no longer supported, or when new platforms are supported, as soon as these development decisions are made so that our customers can better plan. There may be the rare instance when a new platform is planned within a version but may be delayed due to unforeseen efforts. The following table indicates which platforms are no longer supported, or are newly supported, for each of the supported CCH ProSystem fx audit product releases.

3rd-party technologies added or removed are listed in the release notes for each supported release year and linked in the table below. A link for system requirements for each release is also provided.
Version YearLink to Release NotesLink to System Requirements
CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement & CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach
2021Release NotesSystem Requirements
2020Release NotesSystem Requirements
2019Release NotesSystem Requirements
CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager
2021Release NotesSystem Requirements
2020Release NotesSystem Requirements
2019Release NotesSystem Requirements

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