How do I input New York IT-225 addition code A-220 in an individual return using CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax and CCH Axcess™ Tax worksheet view?

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 CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax
CCH Axcess™ Tax


  1. Go to New York > Income / Deductions worksheet.
  2. Expand Section 1 - Income and Adjustments.
  3. Navigate to Grid 47 - Other Additions.
  4. In Column Addition Number, select option 220 - Pass-through entity tax deduction addback IT-112-R.
  5. In Column X if from Passthrough, select the checkbox if applicable.
  6. In Column Amount, input an applicable addition amount.
  7. In Column NYS Amount, in an an amount, if applicable.
  8. Calculate the return.


  • The addition amount A-220 is included on IT-112-R, line 19, column A.
  • No additional entries are required by the preparer to generate the A-220 addition on Form IT-225.  If information is not flowing to the IT-112-R line 24b,  overrides can be used for the state in question and an automatic adjustment will happen on the IT-225.  
  • The IT-112-R input is used in conjunction with the NY tax payable amount, to determine a multiplier used to calculate the application of the NYS Resident Credit.
  • IT-112-R is prepared for NY residents, or part-year residents, and is not prepared for NY non-residents.

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