How do I input New York IT-225 addition code A-220 in an individual return using CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax interview view?

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Populate New York Form IT-225 with addition code A-220.


CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax
CCH Axcess™ Tax    
Interview View


  1. Go to New York Form NY3 - New York / New York City / Yonkers Adjustments to Federal Income (2 of 2).
  2. IN Box 60 - Addition Number, select option 220.
  3. In Box 61 - X if Passthrough, select the checkbox if applicable.
  4. In Box 62 - Amount, input an applicable amount.
  5. In Box 63 - New York Amount (IT-203 Only), input an amount, if applicable.
  6. Calculate the return.


  • The addition amount A-220 is included on IT-112-R, line 19, column A.
  • IT-112-R does not currently automate Form IT-225 addition A-220. This is an enhancement request.
  • The IT-112-R input is used in conjunction with the NY tax payable amount, to determine a multiplier used to calculate the application of the NYS Resident Credit.
  • IT-112-R is prepared for NY residents, or part-year residents, and is not prepared for NY non-residents.

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