How do I upgrade an existing installation of CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management to the latest version?

Warning! If you need to install Practice Management for the first time, do not use this article. Instead click to find out how to install CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management for the first time.

This article explains how to update an existing installation of Practice Management to the latest release.

Items to Remember When Updating an Existing Installation of Practice Management - [Return]

  • Users

    • All users must be completely out of the program before starting the update.
    • Check the Microsoft® Windows® System Tray for the PM Tray (Practice Features Launcher) icon.
    • If it is there, right-click and select Exit.
  • Workstation Setup

    • Check the release notes of the version you are updating to.
    • If your current installation is not on the subsequent version prior to the current version (you are jumping a release to get to the current version), you may need to run Workstation Setup after the update.
    • Some updates may not require a Workstation Setup to be run if you on the subsequent version prior to the current one.
  • Database Updates

    • You must run VersionDB.exe after running the update.
    • You must run Workstation Setup to update your Practice Management database.
  • Permission Keys

    • You must have your ProSystem fx Office Single-Sign On (SSO) available to download the permission key.
    • This is the same user ID and password that you use to log into CCH Software Delivery Manager.
  • Internet Time Entry

    • If you purchase the Internet Time Entry add-on, remember that Practice Management and Internet Time Entry must be in sync.
    • If you install the latest version of Practice Management, you must also install the same version of Internet Time Entry.
  • Remote Workstations

    • You must release all time from remote workstations (connected or not connected to the network) before your firm's server is updated to the new version.
  • Backups

    • Warning! Make sure that you have a current backup of Practice Management and your data before installing any update.

Process Overview- [Return]

In order to update Practice Management you will need to have first installed Software Delivery Manager. The process to upgrade CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management consists of two parts.
  1. Downloading the installation file using CCH Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Running the installation process.
Detailed instructions for each of these steps are listed below.

Download the Installation File from CCH Software Delivery Manager- [Return]

  1. Install Software Delivery Manager if you have not already done so.
  2. Download the installation file to install the latest Practice Management update.

Installing the Practice Management Update- [Return]

This videos explains how to update an existing installation of CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management. 
  1. Make sure all users are out of the program and that you have a valid backup of your database before proceeding with these steps.
  2. In Software Delivery Manager, click View downloaded file in Windows next to the version of Practice Management that you just downloaded.
    • A new Microsoft® Windows® Explorer window will open showing the file that you just downloaded.
    • The filename listed will vary depending on what you downloaded.
  3. Double-click the .EXE file to start the installation process.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and then click Next > Install.
  5. When the installation completes, a Workstation Setup will be required on all workstations if you are upgrading from a version older than the subsequent version prior to the current one.
    • To run Workstation Setup, on the server drive that you installed Practice Management to, browse to \CPAS\Setup\VPM\Workstation and double-click CCH Prosystem fx Practice Management Workstation.exe.
  6. Next update the Practice Management database to the latest version. On the server drive that you installed Practice Management to, browse to \CPAS\VPM\Updates and double-click VersionDB.exe.
  7. When the VersionDB window appears, select to update an existing Practice Management database. Verify your SQL server name and SQL database name are correct and click Continue.
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