How do I make a copy of Ctx.ini?

To copy the file, complete the following:

  1. Using Computer or Windows Explorer, browse to "?:\Wfx32."
    • Where ? = the drive in which CCH ProSystem fx Tax is installed.
  2. Locate the file "Ctx.ini" file in the root of "Wfx32."
  3. Right-click on Ctx.ini and select Copy.
  4. Minimize Computer or Windows Explorer.
  5. On Windows Desktop, right-click and select Paste.
  6. A copy of "Ctx.ini" should now exist on the Desktop. 


  • The copy of "Ctx.ini" will function as a permanent backup.
  • If an error or corruption occurs with the existing "Ctx.ini" file within "Wfx32," copy this backup back to "?:\Wfx32."
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