How do the latest Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tax law changes affect my 2017 returns?

Click to read the following Wolters Kluwer press releases. We will be adding the new tax law updates to our products throughout the year. Below is a tentative schedule (versions and dates subject to change).
  • ProSystem fx Tax. See the 2017.02010 CCH Software News¬†for changes that have been made to 2017 Tax Preparation.
  • ProSystem fx Fixed Assets. 2017.02000, posting on 1/14/2018.
  • Tax Projector (an add-on to Tax). 2017.02020 release, posting on 1/21/2018.
  • ProSystem fx Planning. 2018.02000 ¬†release, posting on 2/4/2018.
More information will be sent as needed through CCH Software Newsletters.
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