How to install CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, Workpaper Manager, or Knowledge Coach.

NOTE: If this is the first time installing Prosystem fx Engagement or Workpaper Manager after a recent purchase of the product, please scroll to the bottom of this article and read the "Additional Details" section.

This article explains how to install Engagement, Workpaper Manager, or Knowledge Coach if it is not installed on the machine. This application requires specific configuration that may vary depending on your environment. In order to get the most accurate information possible, please refer to the following articles that cover the installation procedure for each portion of the application. Please also read through the deployment guide and technical considerations before installing your application. 


  • Workpaper Management
    • This is the module used for normal workstations, like laptops or desktop computers. As listed in the system requirements, it requires an SQL instance and Microsoft Office to be installed before the application can be installed.  
  • Administrator
    • This is the server module for the application. It requires an SQL instance to be installed but does not require Microsoft Office. This stores the database information as well as all workpaper files for each binder synchronized to a central file room. Admin users can also log in to perform administrative tasks not available in other modules. 
  • Administrator Workstation
    • Provides Admin users access to the administrator console from a workstation. This module does not require direct access to the Admin module server. Most functions are available, but some are limited to only the Administrator module. This module does not require SQL or Microsoft Office to be installed. 
  • Terminal Services Database
    • This module is the remote local file room database and file storage used for terminal servers and similar environments. It should be installed on a dedicated server that is not the same as the terminal server used to access the program. This module requires an SQL instance but does not require Microsoft Office
  • Terminal Services Client
    • This is the end-user portion of the application designed for terminal servers and similar environments. It functions similarly to the Workpaper Management module, but it does not require an SQL instance as it accesses the local file room via the terminal server database. Microsoft Office is required before installing this module. 

Additional Details

  • If you or your firm have recently purchased this product and it is the first time an installation is being performed, please stop and read the following:
    • First-time installations must be performed with the assistance and guidance of our implementation team. Shortly after purchasing the product, you should be contacted by this team to schedule a meeting for this. The implementation team will assist with installing the Administrator module and Workpaper Management module on a single machine each, as well as guide you through the process of creating your staff members, new clients/binders, and implementing automated backups, among other things. If you have not been contacted to schedule this meeting, please contact your sales rep for further assistance. 
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