How do I view, print, or export electronic filing return history in the Electronic Filing Status System?

The video below shows how to view, print, or export electronic filing history from the Electronic Filing Status system that is used with CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH® Global fx Tax, and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.​

To view, print, or export the return history in Electronic Filing Status, do the following:
  1. Log in to the Electronic Filing Status System.
  2. On the e-filing Status tab, filter returns or perform a search.
  3. Click the return ID for which you want to view the history.
    • If the return is password protected, click Enter Password to view all return history fields. Enter the password and click OK
  4. Do any of the following:
    • Review the activity done on the client's return.
    • Click Print to print the return history to a printer or a PDF file.
    • Click Export to export the return history to an XLS spreadsheet file.
Note: You can also link to the Reject Report or Alert Report that provides an explanation and, if applicable, solution to any exception that may occur. If an error or alert was issued for the return, a link to the corresponding report appears in the Type of Activity column.
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