CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement: Engagement Organizer: What's new in the January 2020 release.

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  • Provide important information about the January 2020 release of Engagement Organizer for CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.


  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement: Engagement Organizer


  • Deployment
    • The January 2020 release of Engagement Organizer is automatically deployed to the cloud. Your firm is not required to perform any steps to work with the new release.

New in this Release of Engagement Organizer

  • New Attachments Tab
    • All attachments for an organizer display in a table on the new ATTACHMENTS tab. Attachments are grouped by section and request item so that you can see at a glance which request items are still pending. Firm and client users can upload, download, or delete attachments for a request item.
  • View the Type and Name of User who Uploaded
    • Attachments are uploaded for a request item in the Attachments tab. If you are using Microsoft® Edge or Google Chrome, you can drag and drop one or more attachments directly on a request item row. Or, for all supported browsers (Edge and Chrome), you can browse to select the attachments to be uploaded. The type (Firm or Client) and name of the user who uploaded the attachment is provided in the new Attachments tab.
  • Add Attachments as Workpapers in Binder
    • If CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 2019.2.1 or later is installed, you can add attachments as workpapers in a tab of the associated binder. Attachments are first added to a Binder Queue where you define the Engagement workpaper properties such as the tab location, index, name and roll forward setting. You can choose to include only client user uploaded attachments in the queue. One, or all, of the attachments in the queue can then be sent to the binder. It may take several seconds to a few minutes for a batch of attachments to be added to the binder. You can work in other tabs of the browser or in the Engagement binder during this time. Once an attachment is added to the binder, an icon displays in the Attachments table.
    • IMPORTANT: The option to add attachments to the Binder Queue is visible in the Attachments tab only when Engagement 2019.2.1 or later release is installed.
  • Optionally Download Attachments Not Already Downloaded
    • In the new Attachments tab, you can download an individual attachment or download all attachments for the organizer, a section, or a request item. You can optionally select to download attachments that either you have not yet downloaded or that any firm user has not yet downloaded for the organizer, a section, or a request item. Once an attachment is downloaded, an icon displays in the Attachments table. Hover the mouse pointer over the icon to review who (firm or client user) and when an attachment has been downloaded.
  • Filter Attachments Listed in Attachments Tab
    • You can filter the Attachments table to show specific sections with their associated request items and attachments. You can filter to view attachments for a specific section, such as Cash. You can also filter to view only request items with attachments, or request items without attachments. You can further narrow the request items by selecting to show only request items for a certain completion state, such as Completed. You can select to show or hide attachment rows in the table, as well as view attachments that have not already been downloaded by a firm user or that have not already been added to the binder.
  • New Help Topic for Using the Attachments Tab
    • A new help topic is provided for Using the Attachments Tab. Review the help for more detailed information regarding how to work with attachments in Engagement Organizer.

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