How do I amend a 1041, 1065, 1120, or an 1120S return using worksheet view in CCH Axcess™ Tax and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

The following video shows how to amend a business return.

Amending a return is a four step process.
  1. Create a second version of the return.
  • Note: After creating a second version of the return, we recommend amending version 1. If version 1 is always your active return, it will be easier to know which return version to roll forward to the next year.
  1. Select the return to be amended (for Federal and state(s) as applicable).
    • Use the table below to see where to mark the Federal return as amended.
    • Many states are amended based on the Federal input. However, some states may have a separate input, within state level worksheets, to mark the state as amended.
  2. Calculate the return.
  3. Enter changes / overrides to correct the return as needed for amended filing.
  4. Calculate the return.
Tax ProductWorksheetSectionLine #
Fiduciary - 1041Electronic or
Paper file
Other > Amended Return1 - Original Return Amounts1 - Transfer original information
2 - Amended Return Explanation1 - Amended Return Explanation
Paper File OnlyGeneral > Basic Data1 - General32 - Amended return
Partnership - 1065Electronic or
Paper file
General > Basic Data1 - General25 - Amended return and Schedule K-1
Paper File OnlyOther > 1065X - Amended Return or Administrative Adjustment Request (AAR)1 - 1065X General Information, Explanation1 - X to transfer original information (federal only)
24 - Explanation of changes to Items in Part II and Part III
Corporation - 1120Other > 1120X - Amended Returns1 - Information from Original Return1 - Transfer original information (or as previously adjusted)
4-16 - Enter applicable information as overrides
2 - Miscellaneous Information13 - Explanation of Changes to Income, Deductions or Credits
S Corporation - 1120SElectronic or
Paper Filing
General > Basic Data1 - General27 - Amended return and Schedule K-1
Electronic File OnlyGeneral > Electronic Filing5 - Explanations, Elections, and Preparer notes1 - Explanation code, enter code 56 - Amended Return Statement
8 - Explanation, enter the explanation of changes to income, deductions or credits


  • Consolidated returns being amended for a specific tax authority (Federal or State(s)) require that same tax authority to be amended in each separate client return in the return group for electronic filing.
  • Amended returns can be amended additional times. To amend a return another time, save the return as a new version, remove any of the amended input from the input listed above, and calculate the return. Create the amended return as if it had not been amended before.
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