TaxWise® Online Export Returns (2015)

TaxWise Online - Export Returns Feature

To export a return:

  1. Login as Admin user
  2. Go to the tax return tab, click View more actions drop down menu, and choose the Export return option.
    • Note: TaxWise will show a list of returns view
  3. Mark the files to be exported, and click OK.
  4. A .ZIP file will be created and downloaded to your computer. 
    • Note: This file is Password protected 
  5. You will receive an email at the Administrator email address including the password for the zip file.
  6. With both files (the .ZIP file and passcode) you will be able to export the return as desired.
    • Note: Please view the attachment for more information and step by step instructions. 

Additional Information

Para obtener la versión en español de este artículo de Knowledge Base, haga clic aquí: ¿Cómo exportar declaraciones de impuestos en TaxWise® Online 2015?


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