CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax: FX Direct User Guide

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The FX Direct User Guide contains the following chapters.
  • Chapter 1, Installation, provides an overview of the FX Direct program and instructions for installing the program as a standalone or integrated system. It also described the features from CCH ProSystem fx Tax that are  available in FX Direct, and the features that are not available.
  • Chapter 2, Office Manager, shows you how to set up firm, office group, and staff information. Office Manager helps you perform system “housekeeping tasks,” such as backing up client and return data and deleting files.
  • Chapter 3, Tax Preparation, explains the process of completing and managing your tax returns, introduces you to an extensive number of product features, and walks you through setting user preferences and defaults.
  • Chapter 4, Import/Export Functions, describes the various methods of importing data to returns in Tax Preparation and of exporting data to other applications.
  • Chapter 5, Production Processing, helps you complete tasks associated with production activities, such as processing returns for batch calculation. It provides instructions on printing, creating, and customizing returns using Pro Forma and Client Organizers.
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