How do I input my IntelliConnect® Login Credentials in ATX™? (ATX 2013 and newer)

To input your IntelliConnect Login Credentials into ATX, do the following:
  1. From Return Manager, select the Preferences button on the main taskbar.
  2. Click on Return Manager
  3. Under the heading IntelliConnect Login Credentials or Tax Research Login Credentials
  4. Enter your User Name. (Usually your Email address)
  5. Enter your password, go to step 9. If you do not know your password, go to step 6
  6. Click on Registration email
  7. Complete the required information and click submit (Check your email within 24 hours)
  8. Upon receipt of the email - go repeat step 1.
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click OK.
For more information see the attached ATX Integrated Research Tools PDF.
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