How do I access the CCH® Fixed Assets Manager hosted environment?

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How do I access the CCH Fixed Assets Manager hosted environment?


CCH® Fixed Assets Manager


Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox (v55.0 and later), and Safari can be used to access the Fixed Assets Manager hosted environment URL:
If your company employs firewall whitelisting to access to our application, the rules will need to allow access to the FAM hosted external IP. Please contact CCH Support to obtain the IP address.
Google Chrome is the recommended browser for accessing the hosted environment.
Google Chrome no longer utilizes ActiveX so it will download the connection .rdp file to your Downloads folder and likely not automatically launch it. You can correct this behavior by hitting the down arrow and selecting ‘Always open files of this type’. The downloaded .rdp file will be seen in the System Tray at the bottom of the desktop.
Microsoft Edge will require the .rdp file be opened manually each time you launch FAM unless you open the web page in Internet Explorer (IE) Mode.
To use Microsoft Edge browser in Internet Explorer mode:
Note: Please consult with your IT before enabling Internet Explorer mode for Edge.
  1. Open Microsoft® Edge®
  2. Navigate to 'edge://settings/defaultbrowser' 
  3. In the Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode section, select Allow.
  4. In the Internet Explorer mode pages section, click Add, then add the following site:
Note: The native RDP client (Start, Run, mstsc.exe) is no longer an alternative way to access the hosted environment.

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