How can I test my Internet download speed for CCH Axcess?

Use the following link to run a speed test to the CCH Axcess servers:

  • The results of the test will tell you the connection speed for both downloading and uploading files on your computer over the Internet.
  • You may see a lower bandwidth measurement in this test than in other Internet speed tests.
    • When figuring bandwidth some speed test sites ignore the top 10% and bottom 30% bandwidth results, which can skew the accuracy of the results.
    • They may also use multiple connections to their site and then combine the speeds, which will give higher results than what you really get.
    • There may also be Internet speed issues that exist between you and the CCH Axcess servers that do not exist between you and the speed test site that you use.
      • Issues like this typically get resolved fairly quickly by the communication providers that own those lines or routers.
  •  Supported browsers include:
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
Additional information
For Internet Bandwidth Requirements see  CCH Axcess™: System Requirements
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