What is the criteria for letters to render in a tax return in CCH Axcess™ Tax?

The letter template configurations in Correspondence Manager are organized by tax year and return type. Letters are rendered or generated in returns based on the return's tax year, return type, return configuration, and the template conditions.

The conditions set for letter templates and paragraphs are evaluated in Tax when a return is calculated and you access the letters by clicking Letters on the Review tab or by selecting Print Preview from the Application menu or Print window. This is also true for changes that are saved for a letter inside the return. After saving your changes, you must calculate the return.

A letter template is rendered as a letter in a tax return based on all of the following criteria:

  • The letter type in which the letter template resides has been selected for preparation in the return configuration set or in the tax return.
  • The tax year and return type of the return matches that of the Letter Template Library.
  • The letter template is enabled in Correspondence Manager.
  • The return configuration set of the return matches the return configuration set enabled for the letter template.
  • The return meets the estimate reminder letter, filing instructions, or consent letter template conditions.
  • The return is calculated.
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