How do I add custom Organizer letter templates in CCH Axcess™ Tax Correspondence Manager?

  1. In Dashboard, click Applications Links, and then click Batch Manager under Tax.
  2. Click Letters in the Customize group on the Home tab to open Correspondence Manager.
  3. Select the tax year and return type from the available lists in the left pane and click Go.
  4. Expand the library section by clicking the Letter Template Library navigation bar.
  5. Select a letter type in the Letter Template Library and do one of the following:
    • Click New on the Letters tab to open a blank letter.
    • Right-click an existing letter and select Edit Letter Template from the menu.
      • If you edit one of the pre-defined standard letters, you must click Save As to save the letter with a new name.  You cannot save changes to the standard letters.
  6. Edit the letter as needed.
  7. When you complete the content, do one of the following to save the custom letter template:
    • Click Save on the Letters tab. The Save Custom Organizer Letter Template window displays.
      1. Accept the default template name or enter a unique alphanumeric template name.
      2. If this is a new letter, select the letter type and the letterhead and page border options.
      3. Click Save. The custom letter template displays in the Letter Template Library under the selected letter type.
    • Click Save As if you edited an existing standard letter.
  8. If you want to set the template to generate or render in tax returns for selected return configuration sets, do the following:
    • Right-click your new custom letter template in the library and select Enable Letter Template from the menu.
    • Select return configuration sets for the letter template.
    • Click Save.

Note: If there is a standard letter that you do not want to print with the Organizer, right-click the standard letter, click Enable Letter Template, clear the return configuration sets, and then click Save.

See the Help file on using Correspondence Manager in Batch Manager.

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