How do I import account groupings into a Trial Balance in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?

Note: You must be the current editor of the trial balance to be able to import account groupings. 

  1. In your trial balance, select Account Groupings or in the binder select the Trial Balance menu > Account Groupings.
  2. In the Account Groupings dialog click the Options button.
  3. In the Grouping List Options dialog click the Import button.
  4. In the Open dialog, browse to the year and select the entity type account grouping you would like to import, then click Open.
    • A common grouping import is the tax grouping. So in the 'Open' dialog you would select 'Tax' followed by the tax program you are grouping for, the tax year, and then the tax entity type. 
      • Example: ?:\Pfx Engagement\WM\Account Grouping Templates\Tax\01 - ProSystem fx Tax\2014\2014 S-Corp-ProSystem fx Tax.azg, where ? is the drive the program was installed to.



  • By default, CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager account groupings are stored in:
    • ?:\Pfx Engagement\WM\Account Grouping Templates
    • ?:\Pfx Workpaper Manager\WM\Account Grouping Templates
    • Where ? is the drive the program was installed to. 
  • The path to the account groupings can be changed in the Workpaper Management Options by selecting Tools > Options > Templates.
  • If the Trial Balance already has a Chart of Accounts and the tax grouping you are importing has been exported from a Trial Balance that has the same Chart of Accounts, then the accounts will be grouped when the grouping is imported. Any accounts that did not exist in the originating Trial Balance (where the tax grouping was exported from) will not be automatically grouped.


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