How do I transfer a return from CCH Axcess Tax to CCH ProSystem fx Tax?

Return Manager provides an option of exporting tax data from one or multiple returns so you can import the data in your pre-migration version of Tax.  The transfer process does however remove some data from the return.  This data includes the following.

  • G/L Direct data
  • Government Form Overrides
  • Tickmarks
  • Lists and Notes
  • Estimates
  • The Original Amount columns on amended returns
  • The Prior Year columns on returns that were rolled forward from the prior year
  • Data loss may not be limited to these areas. These are the areas that we have previously identified.

Exporting Tax Return From CCH Axcess

  1. Open Return Manager.
  2. Select the returns that you need to transfer. You may select more than one by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking multiple returns. 
  3. Click the "Utilities" tab on the ribbon.
  4. In the "Maintenance" section, click Transfer to Prosystem fx.
  5. Enter an Office Group name.
    • Office Groups are used in ProSystem fx Tax, similar to how Return Configuration Sets are used in CCH Axcess Tax.
    • If you do not know what Office Group the return will belong to in CCH ProSystem fx Tax, enter something generic here.  The Office Group can be changed in Office Manager after the return has been imported into the program.
  6. If needed, change the location that the export file will be created in.
  7. Click Transfer.
  8. When the Transfer process is complete a Return Transfer Report appears. 
    • The Transfer process does not delete or remove the return from CCH Axcess Tax.

Importing the Return into CCH ProSystem fx Tax

  1. On your keyboard press WINDOWS+R.
  2. On the Run line type [?]:\wfx32\tdin [userid] [path\filename]
    • NOTE: Any brackets should be removed before running the command.
    • [?] = the drive that CCH ProSystem fx Tax is installed to.
    • [userid] = a valid CCH ProSystem fx Tax user ID that is a Supervisor.
      • If a Supervisor user id is not used you will get errors during the process. 
        • Example: "cannot get user info. through user ID (2700/8)" 
    • [path\filename] = the full path to the export (.DAT) file created.
      • Suggestion: Minimize the length of the filepath
      • One way to minimize the filepath is to create a folder on the local drive named C:\CCHTemp
    • Between ?:\wfx32\tdin and [userid] and [path\filename] is a space.
  3. Press ENTER or click OK to start the import process.
  4. When the import process is complete a Batch Log appears.

Click to find out more about Transferring Tax Return Data to CCH ProSystem fx.

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