"Do you want to overwrite the installation file?" when using Software Delivery Manager.

After selecting the product to download in Software Delivery Manager, if prompted with "Do you want to overwrite the installation file?" the Software Deliver Manager has detected a prior download that already exists.

There are two reasons this can happen:

  • A download has started but not completed.
  • A download has completed.

In either case, click Yes.

  • Software Delivery Manager will verify the download.
    • During this step, it will say "Downloading 0%."
    • This may take a few minutes, as it checks the entire download.
    • If complete, the Status will read, "View Product Installation Package."
    • If incomplete or invalid, the download will continue from where it left off.

When the verification or download process is complete, click View downloaded file in Windows to view the installation file.


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