How do I create a custom header and/or footer for my Invoices and/or Statements in CCH Axcess Practice?

To create a custom header for your invoices and/or your statements, select "Invoice and Statement Content Manager" from the configuration dashboard.

  • From the navigation pane on the left, under Invoices, select "Header-Page 1 only."This will provide a screen display of the default header. You can change any of the keywords and   delete what you do not want to see in your header.
  •  You can also insert a logo
  • Once you have your finished header, select the save icon in the quick access toolbar.
  • The on screen header will default back to the default header and you will see a new header listed as “Header-page 1 only (Copy)" in the left side navigation bar.
  •  You can right click on this header and rename it so you can easily recognize it as  your custom header.
  • You can do the same procedure with the footer to create a custom footer.

***There is also a header for all pages after page 1 and footer for all pages after page 1. If you choose to use these options, even if there are 4 pages after the first page the header and/or footer will all be the same.

Statement headers look very similar to the Invoice header, except the date has “statement date” and does not have an invoice number.

Once the custom header or footer is selected, it will have to be added to all of your custom Invoice Templates.

  • Select the custom invoice template from the Invoices section of the left side navigation pane in Invoice and Statement Content Manager
  • Right click on the template and choose "Edit."
  • From the left hand side navigation pane select Header/footer.
  • Find your new custom header/footer from the drop down to select it, then click save.



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