How do I install CCH ProSystem fx Engagement on a compressed drive?

CCHProSystem fx Engagement does not support the storage of workpapers or databases on compressed drives, volumes, or partitions. CCH ProSystem fx Engagement uses SQL Server databases, and Microsoft has determined that having SQL Server databases on compressed volumes may cause performance and database recovery issues. Additionally, storing Engagement databases and/or workpapers on compressed volumes may cause installation failures, synchronization issues and data loss.

For Workpaper Management and/or Admin Module/Workpaper Management installations, the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 7.0 or higher installer will now automatically decompress any compressed files found in Admin\Data, WM\Data, TB\Data, or Knowledge Coach\Data folders at the beginning of the upgrade process.

Note: The automatic decompression of compressed files only occurs if there is enough space on the drive to allow for decompression which is typically a minimum of 100 MB.

In addition, the ProSystem fx Engagement SQL 2008 R2 Instance Installer or ProSystem fx Engagement SQL 2012 Instance Installer will perform the same decompression process described above when updating from SQL 2005 or SQL 2008.

For more information on compressed drives, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article ID 231347:

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