CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach: Current supported versions

In order to ensure the highest quality support and product experience, we have modified our policy on prior version support as outlined below.  

This change impacts the following products:

  • CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach 
  • Microsoft®/3rd Party Products
CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach will no longer support versions older than two previous versions.
  • This is in addition to the current version of the software.
  • Since these products are released annually, this means the current version and two previous years.  

For this purpose, support is defined in two parts:

  • Technical Compatibility
    • CCH will not provide software upgrades for software versions outside of the support window.  
      • This includes the annual Tax Grouping Updates, Knowledge Coach content updates, and new Knowledge Coach titles.
    • Older versions will not be tested with new technologies, other CCH products, and third party software.
  • Customer Support
    • Customer support representatives may not be able to diagnose or solve issues related to unsupported versions. 
    • Firms must stay current with software updates for improved usability, functionality, integration and third party compatibility.  

Below is our version support timeline, review this policy and upgrade to a supported version if necessary.

Knowledge Coach Version Last Support DateOriginal Version Release Date
 2019  Sept 2019
 2018  Sept 2018
 2017  July 2017
 2.5 Sept 2019 July 2016
 2.2 Sept 2018 July 2015
 2.1 Sept 2017  July 2014
 2.0 Sept 2016 Sept 2013
 1.11 Sept 2015 July 2012
 1.10 Sept 2015 Aug 2011
 1.8 Sept 2015 Aug 2011
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