How do I print address labels in CCH Axcess?

The Print Labels feature allows you to create labels for clients, staff, and contacts.

Permissions Required to Access this Report
In the security group a user is assigned to, the View permission in the following areas much be set to Grant:

  • Functional Rights > Reports > Labels > Print Labels
  • Functional Rights > Administration Manager > Client Manager > Client Profile
  • Functional Rights > Administration Manager > Staff Manager > Staff Profile
    • The Staff Profile View right is only required if you wish to print labels based on staff profile information.

To print labels, do the following:

  1. Click Print Labels under Reports on Application Links in the Dashboard.
  2. Select the label size from the list of available templates. Additional templates cannot be added. A preview of the label page type displays to the right of your selection.
  3. Select the type of address, primary or mailing, to use for the labels.
    • When the address type you select is not set up in a client, staff, or contact profile, another available address from the profile is used. When Primary is selected but is not assigned in a profile, the mailing address is used. When Mailing is selected but is not assigned in a profile, the primary address is used. If neither the primary or mailing address is assigned, the first address added in the profile is used.
  4. Select the label type. The label type determines the available keywords you can insert in the labels. It also determines the available fields used to filter and sort labels on the Filter/Sort tab.
    • Selecting a different label type displays the previously saved settings (for example, address format, filters, and sort order settings) for the selected label type.
  5. Select Print entire page of the same label to print one label type record (such as one client, staff, or contact) on all labels on a page. If this option is cleared, a different label type record (client, staff, or contact) prints on each label.
  6. Accept the default keywords for the selected label type in the Address format section, or do the following to insert different label text:
    • Select a keyword in a line and press Delete to remove the keyword, and then enter your own text.
    • Select and insert keywords.
      • Select a keyword in a line and press Delete to remove the keyword.
      • Click the down arrow and select a keyword that is not currently used in the address format from the list. The available keywords are based on the label type you selected in step 4.
      • Click Insert.
    • To insert multiple keywords on a single line, such as for city, state, and zip, position your cursor after a keyword in a line, enter a space, and then select and insert another keyword. You should also enter any standard punctuation, such as a comma, between the Address city and Address state keywords.
  7. Click the Filter/Sort tab.
  8. In the Filters section, enter your label filtering criteria by clicking in the blank line that is provided. You can edit existing criteria by clicking a cell in the grid and entering new criteria. To remove a line of criteria, select the line and press Delete on your keyboard.
    • To view the parentheses columns and the And/Or columns, click Advanced. Click Simple to show fewer options.
    • Click in the Field Name column to select a field from the list.
    • Click in the ( column to enter an opening parenthesis, if needed. Click repeatedly to add up to three opening parentheses.
    • Click in the Operator column to select an operator from the list.
    • Click in the Value column to enter the value used by the operator in relation to the field.
    • Click in the ) column to enter up to three closing parentheses, if needed. You must use a closing parenthesis for every opening parenthesis used.
    • If there are additional criteria lines, click in the And/Or column to select AND or OR, depending on the relationship between the lines.
    • Repeat these steps for any additional criteria lines. You can enter up to 15 lines.
  9. Use the single and double right and left arrows to move fields between the Available fields and Sort labels by lists. The available fields are based on the label type you selected.
  10. Select fields in the Sort labels by list and use the up and down arrows to set the order you want labels to print.
  11. Do one of the following:
    • Click Preview on the button bar to review the label presentation.
    • Click Print on the button bar to print your selection.
  12. Click Save or Save & Close to save your settings. Your settings are retained for the selected label type. You can now select settings for another label type. You can save one template size for each label type.
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