What is the machine name requirement for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?

  • Engagement or Workpaper Manager uses the NetBIOS name for resolving machine names. 
  • NetBIOS has a limitation of 15 characters for machine names.
  • If a machine name is longer than 15 characters, NetBIOS truncates the machine name to the first 15 characters.
  • The fact that NetBIOS truncates the longer name causes the machine to be different than it's true name and opens the possibility for numerous "duplicate machine names" in the Engagement database that actually are not duplicates.
    • For example, if a firm uses a naming scheme where the first 15 characters are the same and the following characters provide a unique designation, there will be no problems for the machines in a DNS environment.
  • This can cause multiple invalid machine listings for the Engagement user profiles.
  • This requirement applies to servers and user machines.

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