"You have entered an invalid login name and/or password" when logging in to CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager.

  1. Verify that the login and password combination are correct.
    • It may be helpful to type the password in another application so that you can view it and copy/paste it onto the login screen. 
    • Passwords are case sensitive. 
  2. If you have an email address included in your staff profile for Engagement or Workpaper Manager, you can click the Forgot Password link on the login screen. 
  3. Have someone with access to the Administrator module change the password associated with the login and then try the new password on the workstation. If the error still occurs, try to log in with a different account. If this login attempt succeeds, log out and try again to log in with your account.
    • This will prompt you to change your password. After you change the password on your local file room installation, you will need to synchronize a binder. This will push your local password change to the central file room and complete the password change process. 
      • If you do not synchronize a binder after changing your local file rooms, it will not update your password and you will receive the same message on your next login.
  4. If the Login was entered incorrectly on the first attempt and if step 1 has been confirmed correct then there's a hung issue with the login information in the database.  Therefore, try logging in with a different Engagement or Workpaper Manager profile.  If this is successful, it will automatically update and correct the error with the original profile that was used. 
You will also receive this error if both of the following conditions are true: 
  • Your firm has defined password requirements in the Administrator Module by enabling the Require staff login passwords to meet certain rules setting under Tools > Options > Login password rules. This option is available in v2017 and later.
  • Your user account was created with a blank password.
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