Diagnostic: 49993 - "Electronic Filing. An entry has been made for an optional PDF attachment..." in a 990 return.

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"Electronic Filing. An entry has been made for an optional PDF attachment. Please note that PDF attachments are not generally allowed for exempt organization returns per IRS. Currently, some exceptions are Forms 8453-EO, 5713 and 3115 and certain documents that have been defined by IRS. These are attached using the PDF Code field on the Electronic Filing worksheet, PDF Attachments - Specific Forms section. Please note that all Information that has to be reported within or attached to the return must be entered on the appropriate worksheets or the return is subject to rejection by the IRS. If supplemental (i.e., non required) attachment information is necessary the General Explanation attachment(s) may be used for this purpose. Certain forms that are not currently supported in the exempt organization system may be attached as PDF files with prior IRS approval. If an IRS approved PDF form or document (other than the ones listed above) is required it will have to be attached as a PDF file using the 'All Other PDF Attachments'  section on the Electronic Filing worksheet. It will also be necessary to contact ProSystem fx Electronic Filing Support to receive a Diagnostic Override code to enable this procedure. (49993)"


  • Form 8453-EO - IRS e-file Declaration and Signature Authorization
  • Form 5713 - International Boycott Report
  • Form 3115 - Application for Change in Accounting Method


  • Before entering an optional PDF attachment, verify if the form or document can be attached in the PDF Attachments: Specific Forms section.
  • In order to electronically file an exempt organization return containing an optional PDF attachment, a diagnostic override code will need to be issued from support.
  • If the 168(h) election has been made, the organization is required to attach elections from subsidiaries as PDF attachments. ¬†Please call and get the override code.
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