What type of backup programs are supported with CCH ProSystem fx Tax?

It is important to back up your Wfx32 folder.  Backups can be scheduled to occur during off-hours when users are not in the program working. 

Any type of backup software that can be run when users are out of the program is supported. Any type of real-time backups or file syncing is not supported. This includes the following list:

  • Real-time File Replication
  • File Caching
  • Offline Files
  • Software RAID systems
  • Opportunistic file locking
  • DFS - Distributed File System

If using the backup software listed above, you may get intermittent file access errors while using our software.  These can also cause installation problems such as ISAM errors when installing/updating CCH ProSystem fx Tax.

Warning: Data loss and corruption can be caused by using unsupported backup methods.

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