How do I register for access to My Account?

To complete the My Account registration, do the following:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Register link in the Log In form.
  3. Completely fill out the form (all fields are required, except as noted below):
    • E-Mail Address
      • Add Your Account(s).
        • To create a new Basic Access user profile, you will need to provide the following information
          • Account number and the Account's ZIP/Postal Code
        • To create a new Full Access user profile, you will need to provide the following information:
          • Account number and a recent Invoice or Order Number
      • The details requested vary, depending on whether your account is a 10-digit Wolters Kluwer or 5-, 6- or 7-digit CCH® ProSystem fx® account.
        • If you enter a 10-digit Wolters Kluwer Account Number, then you can register for a Basic or Full profile.
        • If you enter a 5-, 6- or 7-digit ProSystem fx Account Number:
          • The Invoice/Order No. fields are removed from the form, as access is limited to Basic for these accounts.
            • This includes a View my inventory self-service tool, as well as links to additional self-service tools on the CCH ProSystem fx web site. 
            • Clicking the Add button stores the account information just entered and clears the form so another account can be added if there is more than one account to manage.
            • Note: Clicking Cancel here clears only the information in the sub-form, including all account information that has already been associated with this ID.
    • First Name (max 30 chars)
    • Last Name (max 30 chars)
    • Company Name (max 40 chars)
    • Phone Number (Optional)
    • Choose Password
      • Must be between 6 and 32 characters.
      • Must be different than the E-Mail Address entry.
    • Re-enter Password -
      • Must match exactly the Password entered above.
    • How did you Hear About This Site? 
      • Select one from the list.
  4. When the form is completed, click Submit.
    • Note: Clicking Cancel at this point removes all entries from the registration form, including those in the (Optional) Add Your Account(s) sub-form, if entries were made.
  5. A message will display to let you know that an e-mail has been sent to the address provided during your registration:
    • "The e-mail, when opened, will contain an e-mail address activation link. Clicking on this link is required to both validate that your e-mail address was correctly entered and establish your access to it. Click on the link, or copy-and-paste it to your browser, and you will be returned to My Account, signed in and ready to: Add an account to manage, if none was added during the registration process, or Select a previously added account by clicking the radio button to the left of it in the Choose an Account list Select a self-service tool from the Select an Action menu., using the E-Mail Address and Password provided during registration, unless both Remember My E-Mail Address and Keep me logged in are checked."
Note: If Remember My E-Mail Address and Keep me logged in are checked, sign-in will not be required until after 30 days of inactivity unless you click the Logout link.
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