"Unable to upload for E-sign" when exporting a 1040 return in CCH Axcess™ Tax or CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.


e-Sign options are disabled / grayed out in the Tax Return when uploading the 8879. 

Full Error Text

"Unable to upload for E-sign."


This message is generated when information is missing within the return. To allow the return to be uploaded for e-Sign, verify the following items are not creating issues in the return:
  • e-Sign options are disabled in the Tax Return (Axcess: Electronic Filing - General - Lines 10 & 11).
  • Date of Birth is missing for Tax Payer and/or Spouse.
  • Taxpayer and Spouse have same email address on the Tax Return.
  • Taxpayer or Spouse have the same email address as Tax Preparer's email address.
  • Verify Practitioner PIN Program and Method Code
  • Preparer info is being suppressed
  • *Preparer email address used in return, is not present as a User within the AssureSign site for the firm account
If none of the items above are creating the issue, verify if any code 2 e-Sign diagnostics are being issued. 
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