How do I prepare New Jersey Extension Form NJ-PTE-200-T in a 1065 return using interview forms in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

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Learn how to generate and populate New Jersey extension Form NJ-PTE-200-T.


  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • 1065
  • Interview
  • New Jersey


  1. Go to Federal Interview Form EXT-1.
  2. In Box 30 - Code to prepare Form 7004, select option 2 - Print Form 7004.
  3. Go to EXT-2 - State Application for Extension.
  4. In Box 31 - State use, input the number 7.
  5. In Box 40 - Specific State Extension Requests, use the lookup value (double-click or press F4) to select NJ.
  6. Go to New Jersey > NJ26 - New Jersey Form PTE-100 and Related Information.
  7. In Box 30 - Preparation code, select X (Prepare Form PTE-100.
  8. In Box 71 - X to file zero balance due PTE-200-T, select the checkbox, if this is a zero balance due extension.
  9. (Optional) In box 70 -  Amount paid with Extension - override, input an applicable amount greater than zero.
  10. Calculate the return. 


  • New Jersey requires the extension to be filed electronically.

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