CCH Axcess™ Portal: Standalone Portal Sunset Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if my firm is impacted by the sunset of the standalone version of Portal?

  • If your firm is licensed for both CCH Axcess™ Document and Portal, or the firm is licensed for both CCH® ProSystem fx® Document and Portal, and your firm's staff interact with Portal entirely through the Document application, then your firm has the integrated version of Portal and is not impacted by this change.
  • If your firm licenses Portal and your firm's staff logs in to Portal through a web browser, then your firm has the standalone version of Portal and is impacted by this change.

Will my Portal account continue working after November 30, 2021?

No. All active standalone Portal accounts will be deactivated after November 30, 2021. Neither firm users nor clients will be able to log in or retrieve data after deactivation. We strongly encourage all customers to retrieve data stored in standalone Portal no later than November 30, 2021. Click here for information on exporting your files from Standalone Portal.

What are the major differences between the standalone and integrated versions of Portal?

From your client’s perspective, very little will change. They will log in the same way, and they will be able to use the software the same way. There are a few differences, though. For example, clients cannot create custom folders in the integrated version of Portal. The firm can create these folders on behalf of the client instead.

For the firm staff, there is significant change, because they no longer log into a website. Instead, portal-related activities are completed within the Document interface. This allows for easy access to publish files to Portal or to retrieve client-uploaded files from within the Document system. All files published to the integrated version of Portal must also reside in Document. Separate retention dates are possible, allowing files to be stored in Portal for a shorter duration than they are stored in Document.

There is no difference in the cost for Portal, whether it is the standalone or integrated version.

Can I migrate my data from the standalone version of Portal to the integrated version of Portal?

There is insufficient time to convert your portal account from standalone to integrated portal; however, you can start fresh with integrated Portal by downloading all of your files and reports before 11/30/2021, and then delete all your portal data. CCH can then refresh your portal license so that Document will integrate automatically with Portal.

Can I migrate my data from the standalone version of Portal to CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration?

Currently, there is not a way to migrate customer data from the standalone version of Portal to Client Collaboration.

Are there disadvantages to using Client Collaboration when compared to using the standalone version of Portal?

Client Collaboration is currently specific to 1040 returns and related workflows. The standalone version of Portal provided a more generic storage area for various workflows, including individual returns, business and entity returns, audit, bookkeeping, and more. Firms focusing on 1040 returns will have everything they need to collaborate with ease with their clients. Client Collaboration provides a two-year retention for all files and requests. The standalone version of Portal can be configured for any retention period.

How does this change affect Small Firm CCH Axcess customers?

Customers who purchased the recently released Small Firm CCH Axcess package, which includes the standalone version of Portal, will have the option to purchase CCH Axcess™ Document and to convert to the integrated version of Portal. They also can upgrade to Client Collaboration. More details will be shared directly with affected customers in the weeks ahead.

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