How do I install CCH® ProSystem fx® Trial Balance?

In order to install Trial Balance you will need to have first installed Software Delivery Manager.  Click for instructions on installing Software Delivery Manager.

Process Overview

The process to install Trial Balance using Software Delivery Manager consists of two steps.

  1. Downloading the compressed or zipped installation files from Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Running the installation process.

Below are more detailed instructions for each of the above steps.

Downloading the Installation Image from Software Delivery Manager

The first step is to download the installation files that will be used to install the product.

  1. Open Software Delivery Manager.
    • When prompted for a User ID and Password, enter your CCH® ProSystem fx® Office single sign on (SSO).  By default the User ID is your six-digit ProSystem fx account number.
  2. Choose the appropriate product that you want to install from the list of products.
    • For example, if you want to install the 2014 version of Trial Balance, you would choose Trial Balance 2014 from the list.
  3. Click Start Download in the lower right corner of the window.
    • You may be asked where to save the files that you are downloading.
      • Prior to beginning your download, click Settings to select a default location to save downloaded files to or to be prompted to choose a location each time you download files.
    • Note: During this step you are not installing anything yet. You are just downloading the files to be used for installing.

The download may take a bit of time, depending on your Internet bandwidth.  Once the Download Status column changes from a progress indicator to "View product installation package" you are ready for the next step.

Running the Install Process

At this point you should have completed the section discussing how to download the installation files.

  1. Click View downloaded file in Windows next to the product that you are installing.
    • A new Microsoft® Windows® Explorer window will open showing you the file that you just completed downloading.
    • The filename listed will vary depending on what you downloaded.
    • For example, if you downloaded CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance 2019.a00 the file is named "cch_prosystem_fx_trial_balance_2019.a00.exe."
  2. Right-click on the EXE file and select Run as Administrator to start the installation process.
  3. The CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance installation wizard appears.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the boxes next to the items you want to install and then click Next.
  6. Install CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance. This will be selected by default.
    • Install Sample Databases. Sample companies will be installed regardless of the selection made here.
    • Install Tutorial. Tutorial files will be installed to the machine to where Trial Balance is being installed.
    • Install Instruction Guide. This option will create a shortcut in the CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance folder on your Desktop to open the User Guide.
  7. Choose the location that you want to install CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance to and then click Next
    • The default location is C:\Avision.  If this is not the desired location or if this is will be a network install, select Browse and choose the correct location for the install.
  8. Select the type of installation.
    • Standalone Install. This option is for single-machine installations where the user on this machine is the only user that will be using the program.  Application files for the program are installed locally.
    • Network Install. This option is for firm that will have multiple users running the program at the same time from different workstations.  Application files for the program are installed to a network drive (a mapped/network drive other than C: on the server).  Users perform their work from workstations that are connected to the sever via the network.
    • Workstation Install. Application files have already been installed on a server using the Network Install.  A workstation setup creates a shortcut to the program installed on the server so that the program may be run on that workstation.  Print drivers are also installed on the workstation.
    • Laptop Install. This option is for users with a laptop that wish to be connected to their network when they are in the office, but need to take their laptop into the field to work when they are not connected to the office network.  Application files are installed locally, but are not installed from a disk as with the Standalone install.
  9. Select Internet download and click Next.
  10. Enter your SSO User ID and password.
    • These are the same credentials that you used to log into Software Delivery Manager.
  11. The Select Program Folder window appears.  The program folder defaults to CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance.  Keep the default location folder and click Next.
  12. The installation will run and complete on its own.
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