What ports are used by CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager for data transfer?

CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement and Workpaper Manager use the following ports to transfer data:

  • SQL Server (PROFXENGAGEMENT) - TCP port 2029
  • SQL Server Browser or (SQL UDP) - UDP port 1434
  • SharedFileRoom - TCP port 445
  • P2EWinService(PORTAL to ENGAGEMENT) - TCP port 943; TCP port 4530
  • Pfx.Engagement.SocketService - TCP port 4531 (Engagement 7.2 and newer releases)
  • PFXSYNPFTService - TCP port 6735
  • PFXEngDesktopService - TCP port 6736
  • PfxConfigUtility - UDP port 6737
  • PFX.KnowledgeCoach.SharedServices - TCP port 8731
  • Pfx.Engagement.WcfServices - TCP port 8282

The ports are configured on the server and workstations during installation. However, if you are connecting over a VPN, or through another device such as a router or wireless access point, you will need to ensure that these ports are opened for the Private and Public profiles in the Microsoft® Windows® Firewall or other 3rd party firewall program. 


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