How do I run a Setup Force installation for CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

Important: If you run a Setup Force installation for a prior year, you must run a Setup Program installation from the current year.

Setup force installation instructions

  1. Use the most recent CCH ProSystem fx Tax installation image for the year that you need to run the Setup Force installation for.
  2. On your keyboard, press WINDOWS + R to bring up the Run line. 
  3. Type ?:\[path]\setup force (? = drive, [path] = location path to the installation image) and press ENTER.
  4. Select the appropriate permission key option and click OK.
    • Internet Download
      • Select this option to download the permission key from the Internet.
        • If you are installing Tax Preparation for the first time or installing a new year for the first time, this option is selected by default.
        • If you are updating your permission key licensing or adding a newly licensed product, you would want to select this option.
        • This option will prompt you for your Single Sign On (SSO).
    • Use previously installed permission key
      • If you already have CCH ProSystem fx Tax installed, this option will be selected by default.
    • Permission key disk drive path
      • Select this option to use a permission disk. 
      • You can either browse to your permission diskette or if you have downloaded the file from, you can also browse to it.
  5. If you receive the message, "You are attempting to install a version of the CCH ProSystem fx software that is older than your currently installed version" click No and use the link in step 1 to download the most recent CCH ProSystem fx Tax installation image.
  6. Select Add Products and click OK.
  7. Select all of the available products that you need to add/update to your install and press OK
    • The recommended products will be highlighted by default.
  8. If you selected Tax Products in step 7, select the tax products you want to update or add and then click OK.
    • If you did not select Tax Products in step 7, continue to step 9.
    • On the Tax Product screen check the tax products and/or states/entities that you need to add or update on the left side of the screen.
    • In the Fed/State Entities column
      • If a box is checked and the box is gray, then not all the items are selected to install for that specific product.
      • If a box is checked and the box is white, then all the items are selected to install for that specific product.
      • You can click the "+" next to each product in order to check specific states/entities.
        • Anything listed in the "Selected to Install" column will be installed.
        • You do not need to check or select anything in this column.  It is just a list of what will be installed.
      • It is recommended that you leave "Tax Instructions" and "Cross-Reference" checked on the bottom of this screen.  That will install the help files for the various tax products.
      • "Multimedia Help" will install the multimedia tutorials for Tax Preparation.
  9. If you selected Tutorials in step 6, select any tutorials that you wish to install and then click OK.
  10. If any of the tax products that you selected to install are not currently installed, you will be prompted to assign that tax product to a destination drive.
    • ​​By default, the destination drive setting points to your local C:\ drive.
    • If you install CCH ProSystem fx Tax to a network drive or a drive other than C:\, use the drop down arrow to select the correct drive letter.
    • Once the correct drive letter has been selected, press Assign to Drive ?: (where ? = the drive letter that you selected).
    • Verify that the products listed in the top "Products" window all point to the correct drive letter in the "Drive" column.
    • Press OK.
  11. Select ProSystem fx Tax as the Program Group and click OK.
  12. Select Install Now and click OK.
    • If installing a prior year, you may receive messages: "Unable to get Server Name" and "Unable to get Server Object". 
      • If you do, click OK on the message. This will be resolved in step 14.
  13. When prompted to reboot your computer, click Yes.
  14. If you ran Setup Force from a prior year, run a Setup Program installation from the current year's version of the CCH ProSystem fx Tax installation image.



The "Force" switch forces files to the version on the installation image regardless of what version is currently installed.

  • Setup Force will roll back all application files (.exe & .dll) along with the tax product files.
  • ​Do not run Setup Force to roll back to an older version, just to use the program on that version.
  • Setup Force should only be run if a Support Representative or a knowledge base article instructs you to run it. 
  • Unless specifically stated, Setup Force should not be run using a prior year disc.
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