How do I link my SSO user to my CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax user for Electronic Filing Status?

​The following video explains how to link your Single Sign On (SSO) user to your CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax user. When your SSO user and your ProSystem fx Tax user are linked, you can log in to Electronic Filing Status using only your ProSystem fx Tax login credentials.

You can link your ProSystem fx Tax users that you configure in Office Manager to a corresponding SSO user. The advantage of doing this is that linked users are not prompted with a second login window when opening Electronic Filing Status when they already have Tax Preparation open.

If you do not link user IDs you will be prompted to log in to the Electronic Filing Status site using your SSO credentials, each time you open Electronic Filing Status even if you already have Tax Preparation open.

To link users in Office Manager with SSO user IDs, do the following:

  1. Open Office Manager.
  2. Click Tools > Link SSO for Electronic Filing Status System.
  3. Log in with your SSO and click Login.
  4. The Link an SSO User window appears.
    • You will see your ProSystem fx Tax users listed in the Desktop column.
  5. Select the Desktop user that you wish to link with an SSO user.
  6. Click Link User.
  7. Select the SSO that you wish to link and press OK.
  8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 to link multiple users.
    • You cannot link multiple Desktop users to a single SSO user.
  9. When finished, click Close.

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