"Macros must be enabled in order to use this workbook" when opening a PPC® Checkpoint Tools workpaper within CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement.

To correct this error, do the following:
  1. Add Workpapers to Microsoft® Office® Trusted Locations.
    1. Open a Microsoft® Excel® workbook and click File > Options Trust Center > Trust Center Settings.
    2. Click Trusted Locations Add New location.
    3. In the Path box, enter C:\Pfx Engagement\WM\Workpapers\.
    4. Select the check box Subfolders of this location are also trusted.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Select the check box Allow Trusted Locations on my network (not recommended).
      • Note: While the option is listed as not recommended, if you are working with Microsoft® Excel® workbooks that originated on a network location or are linked from a network location, this option is required for functionality.
  2. Verify that the PPC® addins are enabled in Microsoft® Excel®.
    1. Go to File > Options > Addins.
    2. Go to the COM Add-ins section.
    3. Add checkmarks to any PPC add-ins that are unchecked.
    4. Go to the Disabled Items section.
    5. Check for any PPC® Addins that may be listed, and enable them.
      • If no PPC addins are listed as active, inactive, or disabled, please reinstall the addins using the PPC installation files. 
  3. If the issue persists, right-click on the file in the binder and choose Send to > file and save the file to the desktop.
    • If the file gives the same message when opening from the desktop, contact PPC® support for assistance configuring Checkpoint Tools.
    • If the file works from the desktop, try disabling any 3rd party addins other than epace.xla and Pfx.ribbon.exceladdin. If a third-party addin is causing the issue when opened from inside Engagement, then contact that addin's vendor to have it repaired or reinstalled. 
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