How to repair a Trial Balance in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager.

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and Workpaper Manager includes a Trial Balance Repair utility on all machines that have Workpaper Management installed. 

  • Only the Current Editor of the Trial Balance can utilize the Trial Balance Repair Utility.

To run the Repair Utility, complete the following:

  1. Close out of the binder that the Trial Balance is in. 
  2. Press Windows Key+S to open the Microsoft® Windows® Search option. 
  3. Search for TB Repair Utility and click on the program to open it. 
    • TB repair Utility is also located in the following locations below, where "?" represents where the drive the program is installed to.
      • ?:\Program Files (x86)\Pfx Engagement\WM\TBrepair.exe
      • ?:\Pfx Engagement\WM\TBrepair.exe
  4. Click Next to continue.
  5. On the Verify File Room window click Local file room (non-shared) if the Trial Balance is checked out to this machine. 
    • Click Shared file room if the Trial Balance is checked out to the current machine with shared file room enabled, then click Browse to locate the computer name of the Shared file room. Select the Profile name of the Shared file room and click Next.
  6. Enter your Engagement or Workpaper Manager login credentials and click Next.
  7. Expand the Local File Room to view a list of Client folders in the local file room.
  8. Double-click on the Client folder to expand it and view a list of binders for that client.
  9. Select the binder which contains the Trial Balance to repair and click Next.
    • If the binder contains more than one Trial Balance a list will be presented of trial balances contained in the binder. 
    • Select the Trial Balance to repair and click Next.
    • Only Trial Balances that you are current editor of will display.
  10. The Summary window will allow you to verify the selections that have been made. Click Finish to complete the process.
    • A log file of the repair will open in Microsoft® Notepad. Review any changes that were made, then close this file when finished.
  11. Click OK to close.


  • Refresh the Trial Balance after running this utility.
  • The Trial Balance Repair Utility cannot be used when logged into another user's Shared File Room.
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