How do I edit the staff rights for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager or Workpaper Manager users?

To review or change the rights assigned to a staff group:
  1. Open and log in to the Administrator Module.
  2. Right-click the staff group and select Properties.
    • The Admin staff group is automatically assigned all rights. These rights cannot be modified.
  3. If needed, change the name and description assigned to the staff group.
    • The name must be unique.
    • The staff group caption will be the name of the group entered in the Name field.
  4. Select or clear the permissions to change.
  5. When you are finished, click OK.
    • Users will need to log out and back in to their program for the changes to take effect.
    • Staff Rights apply to all users within that Staff Group.

The following is a list of the rights that can be assigned to a staff group, by tab in the Staff Group Properties window.
  • Some of the following may not be part of the older Engagement version staff rights. 
  • LFR 
    • Enable Local File Room sharing
  • Client
    • Create new client
    • Modify client properties
      • This option is selected automatically and cannot be cleared if Create new client is selected.
    • Delete client
    • Add client to central file room
  • Binder
    • Create new binder
    • Assign/unassign staff to/from binders
    • Modify binder properties other than staff assignment
    • Override/modify document completion dates and retention periods
      • Override/modify document completion date and Override end of retention period are inactive until you select Modify binder properties/staff assignment.
    • Override end of retention period
    • Roll forward binder
    • Finalize binder 
    • Save binder as template
    • Synchronize binder 
    • Create binder package
    • Receive binder package
    • Create binder portfolio
    • Create tab
    • Modify tab
    • Delete tab
    • Empty all workpapers from the trash
    • Empty current editor workpaper in trash
      • This option is selected automatically and cannot be cleared if Empty all workpapers from the trash​ is selected.
    • Backup binder
    • Restore binder
    • Tax software interface
    • Use Engagement Organizer
  • Workpaper 
    • Workpaper
      • Create new workpaper
      • Delete/Restore workpaper
      • Delete workpaper after the document completion date
      • Move workpaper
      • Take over workpaper
      • Assign/Unassign workpaper
      • Save workpaper as template
      • Lock workpaper
      • Unlock workpaper
      • Freeze Engagement\Workpaper Manager links
      • Unfreeze Engagement\Workpaper Manager links
      • Publish workpaper 
      • Print workpaper
    • Trial Balance
      • Create a new trial balance
      • Save a trial balance as a template
  • Roll Forward 
    • ​All Workpaper
      • ​Set roll forward options
    • Knowledge Coach (if licensed)
      • Override response roll forward setting
      • Accept/ reject changes in updated content
  • Notes or Notes/Diagnostics  
    • Notes
      • Create/Clear notes
      • Delete own notes
      • Delete cleared notes of others
      • Delete uncleared notes of others
      • Clear other staff's notes
      • Print notes report
    • Diagnostics (if licensed for CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach)
      • Delete Diagnostics
  • Sign Off
    • ​General
      • Sign off as preparer
      • Sign off as reviewer
        • To sign off as reviewer, you must also be able to sign off as preparer. Therefore, to enable the Sign Off as Reviewer, check Sign Off as Preparer, first.
      • Adjust sign off dates
      • Change password.
    • Knowledge Coach
      • Keep program step sign off for workpaper created from existing workpapers
      • Delete another user's program step sign off
  • Content  (if Knowledge Coach is licensed) 
    • Add Knowledge Coach titles
    • Release/unrelease Knowledge Coach titles to staff
    • Insert Knowledge Coach workpapers from unreleased titles 



  • Staff groups provide a convenient way for you to manage and control the electronic engagement process within your office. You can customize the default staff groups — Admin, Manager, Partner, Senior, and Staff — and add new staff groups to represent the different levels and roles of the staff in your firm.
  • A default administrator account has already been added to the Admin group.
    • This login account cannot be deleted, but its properties can be changed.
    • The user ID of the default administrator is ADMIN and there is initially no password.
      • You should change the password to control access to the Administrator module via this staff member.
  • The above list of staff group rights are current up to 2020.2.1 version, if you see that the list does not match what you see in your application version, you may be running a prior version that did not have the same list of staff rights at the time. 
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