How do I suppress printing of Schedule K-3(s) in a 1120S return using CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax and CCH Axcess™ Tax?

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Suppress printing of Schedule K-3(s) in an 1120S return.


CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax
CCH Axcess™ Tax
S Corporation


To suppress Schedule K-3 for all shareholders at the return level, or specific shareholders:
  1. Go to General >  Return Options worksheet
  2. Expand Section 1 - Processing Options
  3. In Line 16 (Interview Form 2, box 67) - Code to print Schedule K-3, select Produce for only selected shareholders.
  4. Go to Shareholders > Shareholder Information worksheet.
  5. Select Detail.
  6. Expand Section 2 - Options
  7. In Line 5 - (Interview Form K-2, box 180) Schedule K-3 Print code option, this should be blank or No for any shareholders which we choose not to print Schedule K-3.
  8. Calculate return.

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