What is included in My Account Full Access?

If you need to use most or all of the following self-service tools, then Full Access is the right level of access for the account being added to the profile:

  • Change my address - Change your Sold-To, Bill-To, and/or Ship-To address; edit or remove Contacts and view subscriptions associated with each.
  • View my inventory* - Check the subscription or software inventory for an account.
  • View my invoice/billing statement - Request a copy of an invoice.
  • Check my order status - Find out whether an ordered item has been shipped.
  • Make a payment - Make an online credit card payment.
  • Return a publication - Generate a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) for allowable commercial, resale/wholesale and school book returns.
  • Review my standing orders - Check the status of current and future standing orders.
  • Access my Permission Key or Unlock Codes - Find codes that are needed during or after installation of software programs.
  • Update Mailing Schedule - View the mailing dates of product updates for print and CD-ROM subscription products. 

Full Access provides access to account, order, billing, and inventory information, in addition to the two tools (Access my Permission Key or Unlock Codes and Update Mailing Schedule) provided with Basic Access.  As a result, additional authenticating information is required to apply for Full Access when associating an account with a profile.  Full Access requires you to provide an Account Number and either an Invoice Number or Order Number.  This information is most easily located on invoices, but can also be found in other types of correspondence, such as renewal forms or order confirmation letters.

When you have provided the requested information, click the Add button. A message will display to confirm that the Account Number has been associated with the e-mail address with Full Access. 

* The View my inventory tool is included with Basic Access for 5-, 6- or 7-digit ProSystem fx accounts, as well as links that point to additional self-service tools on the ProSystem fx web site.


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