What is included in My Account Basic Access?

If the following self-service tools will meet your needs*, then Basic Access is the right level of access for the account being added to your profile:

  • Access my Permission Key or Unlock Codes - Find codes that are needed during or after installation of software programs.
  • Update Mailing Schedule - View the mailing dates of product updates for print and CD-ROM subscription products.

Basic Access requires you to provide your Account Number and ZIP Code during the Registration or Add an Account process. 

When the requested information has been provided, click the Add (Registration) or Submit (Add an Account) button. A message will display to confirm that the account number has been added to your profile with Basic Access.

To view a list of additional self-service tools available only with Full Access.

* Basic Access for ProSystem fx accounts consists of access to the View my inventory tool, as well as links that point to additional self-service tools on the ProSystem fx web site. At this time, Full Access to My Account is not available to ProSystem fx accounts.

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