How do I resolve the issue where the Tax Grouping Update Wizard will not run on a binder?

Please verify that the following requirements are met:

  • The binders to be updated need to be the same tax year as the year you select to update to. The software calculates the Beginning of Year date by taking the End of year and subtracting 365 days (366 for leap year). e.g. A 12/30/15 year end would show a Beginning date of 12/31/14 and therefore would be a 2014 Tax Year. 
  • You must be the current editor of a Trial Balance to be able to update its Tax Groupings.
  • The trial balance must contain an existing tax grouping that needs to be updated. The TGUW will not add a tax grouping if one does not already exist. Please see the instructions for importing Account Groupings into a trial balance.
  • An alternate option to using the TGUW is to use the Tax Regrouping Utility. Please review the article how do I use the Tax Regrouping Utility for instructions. 
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