How do I reset the Admin password for ATX™?

The following video explains how to reset the Admin password for ATX™ 

  1. Click the Reset Admin password link that appears when the Admin user is locked out.
  2. Enter the ATX product activation code from the Fulfillment Confirmation Slip that was shipped with the product.
    • Note: If you do not have the Fulfillment Confirmation Slip, you can view your Activation Code via the ATX Solution Center.
  3. Enter the new password under the activation code.
  4. Re-enter the new password in the bottom field.
  5. Click Reset Admin Password.

Additional Information

  • Where can I access the Activation Code for ATX™?
  • What are the password rules for ATX™?
  • Each year of the program states "Account has been locked." in red text below the password field when the account is locked, but until this message is given users are able to login with their existing password.
  • For the years 2017 and newer, the reset option will appear after entering Admin in the User Name field, or one incorrect password attempt. 
  • For 2016, the Reset option will not appear until the Admin account is locked. It will take at least 5 failed login attempts to receive the Reset option. Closing the Login window will reset the attempt count.  
  • The incorrect password message reads "User Name or Password is incorrect. Please re-enter.". Users will be given a slightly different message when the password entered was correct, but has expired: "User name or password is invalid or expired.", followed by an option to Edit User Password. Simply click the link and re-enter the attempted password in the Current Password field, then enter a new password in the two fields below and click the save button. ATX should automatically login with the new password. 
    • Note: Per IRS requirements, ATX passwords will expire every 90 days. Any reset prior to the 90 day expiration will also reset the expiration clock.
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