How can I restore a single binder from prior version of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?



The following instructions will require a spare or separate machine that meets the system requirements of the prior version of Engagement or Workpaper Manager be installed as a standalone style setup and the restore performed on it so that a binder package can be made and moved to a machine on the current version of Engagement or Workpaper Manager. 


  1. On the spare or separate machine, install a Microsoft SQL Server "PROFXENGAGEMENT" instance for Engagement or Workpaper Manager.  (See link on step #2 on how to install on a stand-alone machine.)
    • Depending on the version of Engagement or Workpaper Manager is being installed, it will be required that the same version or newer version of Microsoft SQL Server is installed in order to properly restore the (.bak) backup.
  • Browse the product support page for Engagement or Workpaper Manager, and click on the Guides tab and open the Installation Guide for this version and review the system requirements.
  1. Install the prior version of Engagement or Workpaper Manager Administrator module and Workpaper Management module on a spare or separate machine. 
  2. On this separate machine ensure that it is not currently able to ping or communicate to the current production office server and to the local machines that have Engagement or Workpaper Manager currently installed.
    • Warning!  If the database is restored and on the same network with your current production server or workstations this could potentially cause synchronization and/or database errors with your current production environment.  It's recommended that this standalone machine is isolated from the current production environment before restoring the database.
  3. After confirming step #2, continue with the steps in the below article in migrating the Admin module from step 9 on to the end.
    • How to migrate CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement Admin to a new server.
    • When transferring the central file room workpapers, only the individual binder(s) folder is needing to be transferred.  This can be found by logging into the Admin module and right-clicking on the binder > Properties > Information tab and the properties for "Workpaper Path."
  4. Log into the Workpaper Management module and synchronize down the binder.
  5. Create a binder package of the binder, then save it to a network drive or flash drive. 
  6. Delete the binder from the Central File Room of the current live setup of Engagement or Workpaper Manager. 
  7. Contact CCH support to assist in changing the office server information in the binder package as it will now have the workstation as the office server instead of the current production server.
    • Warning!  If the binder package office server information is not changed, and is restored on a production workstation and is synchronized, it may result in causing sync errors or database errors on the current production environment.  Please perform step #8 before continuing.
  8. After changes to the binder package have been performed by CCH support, receive the binder package to a user's local file room.
  9. Synchronize the binder to the Central File Room.
  1. Remove Engagement or Workpaper Manager completely and the Microsoft SQL Server instance from the spare machine when finished.
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